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Safety Precautions


Always ensure that the camera is operated according to the instructions below, which are intended to prevent injuries to yourself and other persons, and to prevent damage to the camera.

WARNING: Possibility of serious injury

1. Do not trigger the flash in close proximity to people's eyes. Exposure to the intense light produced by the flash could damage eyesight. In particular, keep the camera at least one meter away from infants when using the flash.

2. Store the camera equipment out of reach of children younger than 8 years of age. It is dangerous if any of the components are swallowed. If this occurs, contact a doctor immediately. Putting the strap around a child's neck could result in asphyxiation.

3. Do not allow liquids to enter the camera. This could result in fire or electric shock. Do not use organic solvents such as alcohol, benzene, or thinner to clean the camera. If liquid or foreign objects come into contact with the camera interior, immediately turn the camera power off.

4. Use only USB outlets to recharge the camera. Use of other power sources could result in fire or electric shock.

5. Use only the provided battery. Use of other batteries could result in explosions, fire or electric shock.

6. Do not place battery near or in direct flame. Do not attempt to disassemble or alter the battery. Avoid dropping or subjecting battery to severe impacts. In the event that the battery leaks and the eyes, mouth, skin or clothing contacts these substances, immediately flush with water and seek medical assistance.

CAUTION: Possibility of injury or damage to the camera

1. Avoid using/storing camera in strong sunlight and high temperatures. These could cause leakage, overheating or an explosion of the battery resulting in electric shock, fire, burns and other injuries. High temperatures may also cause deformation of the camera casing and other components.

2. Do not sit down with the camera in your pocket. Doing so may cause malfunction or damage the LCD.

3. Do not put the camera and keys or other sharp objects into the same pocket. The camera lenses or LCD may get scratched.